This blog is going to house the stories of some experiences we have through our life’s adventures. 

We get so caught up in the world. The drama, shows, music, fashion, media. It is everywhere we look and seems like the norm in our lives, but can be quite destructive if it becomes who we are.

And we forget what a sunset feels like. Or how much fun it is to get away from all that for a while. 

I was never the kind of person who had huge dreams or goals for my future. The only thing that has remained with me as I have grown is the desire to travel and experience the world. I want to experience culture. Before I got married I was going to hike and travel all over! Be a wandering hippie on the realist journey to learn myself.

When I got married I began to feel the sorrow of never being true to those consistent desires within me. I have tried over and over again to dismiss those feelings. They seemed wrong because I believed I couldn’t do those things with a family. I thought that we would have to settle down and live life like everyone else does with their families. I kept my dreams of traveling locked away, rarely mentioning them to Tim because I didn’t want to give the impression that I regretted any decisions I had made to be with him. 

Recently Tim and I decided we were going to go on lots of hiking and traveling adventures this summer. Through all of this planning and excitement, I discovered that Tim has had the same desires through his life, but they became lost through growing up. We are starting to rediscover who we were before we were weighed down with responsibility for our futures: school, jobs, marriage, etc. It has been a blast to dream of this kind of life with our family. 

It is good to go to school and get a degree and follow corporate dreams, but not everyone is meant to live that way. I was not made to do that. I love learning and growing in knowledge but I do that so much more through experience. School goes in one ear and right out the other. The idea of working 9-5 doesn’t fit well with me. But experiences? Those are never lost or forgotten. And on top of that, they shape who you become! I want to become what I experience. Not sit around and do the same thing every day… I was not made for that. 

We’re on a journey to rediscover what a sunset feels like, and just how fun it really is to get away for a while.

4 thoughts on “Rediscovery

  1. I’m going to love reading all about your adventures! So glad you have the opportunity to follow your dreams.
    Looking forward to the next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This makes my heart so happy….you have no idea.
        I love you to the Moon and back and am always in your corner.
        I am along for the ride…take me there!!!!!! 🙂 Much love ~ !!!

        Liked by 1 person

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