Don’t Stop

I always felt that having a family created limitations on doing the things you love. They’re great, but when you have one you have to slow down and settle down, right?

There is a certain amount of maturity required for the responsibility of having a family, but Hailey and I didn’t want our family to stop us from doing what we love. We want to take them along for the journey.

What better time to go and explore, learn, grow, and go on adventures? That’s what childhood is all about. What better time to travel, camp under the open sky,  and play in the dirt?


I’ve had people tell me that with a dog and a kid, we now have limitations on what we can do. I say that’s nonsense. We can still go just about anywhere and do all the fun things we want to, albeit with a few adjustments.

We’ve found that we can take James with us almost anywhere we want to go. Some places like Yellowstone understandably don’t allow dogs on trails, but he’s such a friendly dog we don’t have issues finding someone to watch him if needed.


James, on the other hand, absolutely loves our adventures. When we’re hiking, he loves to look around at the trees and even doses off frequently. He often does better when we’re traveling and hiking than when we’re just at home.


There are hundreds of excuses out there that can hold us back from the adventures we would like to have. But I think if you want something badly enough, you can find a way. And it just might work out better than you think.

Families are great. We do more now with our dog and baby than we ever had before.

Don’t stop living. Families are a lot of work, but it’s more fun when you make an effort to do what you love, and share what you love with the people (and animals) you love.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Stop

    1. It’s been a blast so far! It’s also not selfish to continue doing what you love, especially if you include your family in it. Hailey and I love our adventures. And our little baby James has enjoyed our adventures so far as well. Good luck with everything Malissa. We wish you the best! 🙂

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