Packsaddle Lake

Supposedly there is a beautiful lake in the Targhee National Forest called Packsaddle Lake. Tim heard about it a couple weeks ago and man, we have had a heck of a time trying to find this place!

The day he heard about it we went on a journey to find it. We ended up driving three different ways. All of them were down some crazy back farm roads covered in rocks and massive ruts. We gave up after a few hours because there was still snow on the final road we took. We vowed to go back with boots and hike the way there and that is what we did this weekend.

We finally got our Deuter Kid Comfort baby carrier for hiking and we were excited to use it! We drove as far up the forest road as we could and backpacked the rest of the way with sure confidence we could hike through the snow to finally enjoy this little gem.


Camping is pretty much free game in a national forest so we decided to set up camp by the lake when we got there.

We had to take a forest road about 2.5 miles up the butte and then turn onto a small trail off the road, but that thing was still covered in at least a foot of snow! It was a skinny trail and we could not confidently follow it. I was so bummed because we have spent so much time trying to find this lake. But it was getting dark and we were pushing it for daylight. Tim got a fire started and tent set up right before darkness covered the mountain.


We ate some bacon sausages and tried out those quick Knorr side meals that you just add water to. It was a super yummy dinner that took less than 10 minutes to cook up.

I forgot that it gets colder the higher up you go in elevation. It got below freezing and I could not get warm after we went to sleep! Tim and I combined our sleeping bags and that helped. James was in a giant marshmallow sleeping suit and I am sure that he was the warmest of us all. Manti tried to sleep on top of us, but that wasn’t happening.


There were coyotes out there somewhere howling and making noises not too far from our tent… I have never camped back country before so best believe I stayed up for an hour playing out every horrible scenario that could happen if they found us and smelled our bacon sausages.

Waking up was so much fun though. That is always my favorite part of camping because you start your day outside and the fresh air has already ran through your whole body while you were sleeping. We made oatmeal for breakfast and I was so proud of Tim because he doesn’t like oatmeal. He ate it for the sake of the journey.

This was my first backpacking trip ever and I cannot wait to do it again! Maybe one day we will finally make it to this mysterious Packsaddle Lake but until then I love the way the backwoods feel, so peaceful and quiet.

So free.

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