How to love life and live your dreams

Now before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I’m just getting started. And with that said, I would also like to make it clear that living your dreams isn’t something that has to wait for a future date. You can do it now.

Through my life there has been a few different things I’ve loved.

Trying to juggle them all and find time for them all has seemed like a daunting task, and I won’t lie, itโ€™s hard work. But there is something that makes it easier.


That’s it. If you can do that really well, I think you’ll find yourself in a good spot.

When a lot of things compete for our attention and time, knowing what you value the most is crazy important. Otherwise you can get stuck doing something you don’t like.

For a long time I always imagined I would maybe do something like engineering or something smart like that. I always hated the idea, but that’s where I thought my life would go.

My thought was that making lots of money is the best thing I could do for my family. In other words, my priority was going to be whatever made good money.

Hence the reason I could have studied something I didn’t really like and have a career in that thing for the rest of my life.

Scary, right? I would have been miserable.

Within the last few years, I’ve switch my thinking. I decided I would rather do something I’ve always loved. Novel idea, right? But it did take some rewiring.

Now my goal isn’t too take care of my family with lots of money, but with lots of great experiences. I want to hang out with my wife and kids. I want to travel with them. Hailey and I wasn’t to sure our kids what is like to live your dreams.

It’s some darn hard work. Especially when you still do need to pay the bills, but is definitely not out of reach. Really, I believe anyone can follow their dreams successfully.

It’s just a matter of priorities. And then the drive to make it happen.

Like I said before, I’m still working on accomplishing everything in seeing out to do, but I already feel like I’m living my dream. And I do love my life.


One thought on “How to love life and live your dreams

  1. Thanks for sharing this!
    I really admire what you’re doing – settling for something mundane and uninspiring is just as much work as chasing your dreams!
    Working hard for it really makes it a reality!
    Best of luck for the future my friend ๐Ÿ™‚


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