Taggart Lake

I have loved many people who serve and Have served the America the beautiful. I know we are not a perfect country but there have been many lives sacrificed to make it free. Free and beautiful.

We seriously went on a five star hike on Memorial Day! We went up to Grand Teton National Park and hiked the Taggart Lake trail.


There are a few ways to go but we took the 6.1 mile loop. On the trail a crystal clear mountain lake is found, tucked away behind the trees.

I love mountain lakes and we are going back this Saturday to go swimming! I was a waterfront director at a boy scout camp in the mountains last summer and I really miss being by the lake. There is something so comforting about swimming in a lake you can see the bottom of!


I have to say this was the longest hike I’ve done before. I was pretty sore for the last couple of miles but it was so worth it. Maybe I just need some better shoes. There was still a little bit of snow on the dark side but nothing we couldn’t handle. Except that I slipped and sliced my hand open on a fallen pine tree branch!

I could truly spend forever gazing on the Tetons with my family by my side. Or on my back! James rode in his carrier the whole time. He loves to be rocked to sleep so as you can imagine, he slept the whole time. Sweet baby boy.


The more time we spend outside the more I crave it. I feel so free and close to my family. So close to the potential we have waiting for us in the future.

Be brave and don’t listen to the voices inside that tell you your dreams are too hard. Through the current we find our strength and purpose.

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