The Camping Crave

Tim and I did not have much planned for last weekend. We were going to take those few days to hang out and do things around the house. But when Friday rolled around I had a craving for camping!

When we woke up on Friday morning I asked Tim where we were going camping. He chuckled and said he didn’t know, but asked if I would have the car packed and ready to go when he got home from work. So I spent the morning putting our stuff together.

My favorite piece of camping equipment is our tent. When I was younger and our family would go camping I dreaded setting up and taking down the old smelly tent we had. The poles would snag, they would break or get tangled, and it took all of us to figure out how to set it up. So Tim got me a Coleman 4 person pop up tent for my birthday and I will never get tired of this thing!


I made some dough before we left the house to some pizza on the fire. I highly recommend trying this out. All you need is dough, pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni if you want. It was seriously so good.


The camp site Tim found was about an hour from our house. It is a free ground in the Targhee National Forest called Pole Bridge. I was a bit hesitant because the last free campsite we went to was so loud. The people next to us were cool but they blasted My Chemical Romance until two in the morning! But there was only one other person in the whole camp ground. Talk about a score!


There was a small river down from our campsite and we took a stroll down to stick our feet in. I was carrying sleeping baby James so Tim rolled up my leggings and I stepped in. I stepped in and the next thing I knew I was waist deep in mud! Somehow James stayed asleep and didn’t get hit by even a single drop of water.

I spent the rest of the night wrapped in James’ baby blanket while my wet clothes dried slowly by the fire. I always say that experience is the best teacher!

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