Lost on the Trail

My favorite hikes are the ones less traveled. The narrow fragile trail makes me feel like a true explorer.

Moose Creek trail in the Targhee National Forest is one I will always treasure. There is a quote that says you have to lose yourself to find yourself. This is exactly what happened on this seven mile hike.

The trail head starts across from the Warm River springs. We had no idea how long the trail was, if it looped around or if we would have to backtrack. We went up the trail with the spirit of adventure because we had no idea what to expect.

We hiked up the butte and right back down to follow against the current of Moose Creek. The trail was no wider than a foot. There were trees fallen and tall grass. I did not even see another foot print.


Manti loved to dip down to taste of the flowing spring water. James slept most of the time, but woke up when we had to climb over the trunk of fallen trees. He is a sweet little person. I know he cannot interact with nature yet, but nature can interact with him.

After about two miles we found a fork in the trail with a sign. We went left off of Moose Creek trail and followed trail 24 up the butte. James did not like the ascension to the top and he cried the whole time! It was tempting to get frustrated so we took a break and had lunch in the hammock.


The next stretch of trail was through a beautiful flat meadow. I was grateful for the trail markers because it became confusing of where to go. We imagined it being a perfect place to camp out and spend a night or two.

After we descended from the butte, we found ourselves on flat ground in a valley with huge boulders and rickety trees. The trail came on top of a small creek. We thought it was apart of the warm river to lead us to the end but it disappeared after a half mile or so.

We finally came out of the valley and realized the river had been on the other side of the right butte the whole time. We had wondered when we would come across it again.


On our last leg out, we passed a family who had two dogs. One of the dogs looked to be a German Shepard Husky mix. After we passed the family this old man dog trotted up the trail every five minutes to come say hello to Manti and then go back to his people. It was a great way to end the hike.

FullSizeR (1).jpg

This hike really helped me to get lost on the trail. During previous hikes my mind would be occupied, wondering how much longer until the end. I would fail to truly enjoy the moments passed and when it was over I remembered little more than my sore legs and tired feet.

I feel like we experienced Moose Creek trail.

We became a part of the trail.

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