What We’ve Learned So Far

We’ve had a good start to the season so far. Our website has been up for just over a month now, and we already have some awesome memories forged.

Hailey and I have loved our journey thoroughly. More than just seeing some awesome sights and exploring new places, we’re learning new things about ourselves and what’s possible.

Here are a few things we’ve discovered in just this short amount of time.


Our car takes us further than you might think.

Recently we took our sedan on some fun little forest roads. We dipped through puddles and drove over dirt and gravel. We were the only people we saw that day in a small car. It’s kind of fun to be surrounded by pickups and SUVs, when we make it just fine in our little car. Our 2006 Chrysler Sebring has taken us to some great spots.


Now there are still some roads that are still way too primitive for our little car. I’m still waiting for the day we can get a Jeep, or something like it, but in the meantime, we still get around.

Nature connects us more than we expected.

The last trail we went on had a lot of fallen trees across the path. Hailey was carrying James most of the time, so I would go ahead, break off some branches where I could, and cut a trail for the rest of my family to make it through. It’s small things like this, but we help each other outdoors. We help each other find the perfect spot, we motivate each other, we have plenty of time to just talk. Nature has connected us in wonderful ways.


On top of that, besides the occasional picture we take, we don’t have our electronic devises out. We have the trees, the grass, the roaring fire. We have the moon and the stars. We have our family.

When we’re indoors, it can be hard to just sit and relax. Take a step away in the outdoors, however, and we find joy in just sitting and chatting as the sun dips below the horizon.

Really special places aren’t that hard to find.

I thought it would take a long time to find those cool spots that not many people know about. To our pleasant surprise, it’s only took about a month. We just had to start going. We found some crowded places first, then some places we love. ┬áThe real gem are those places we love that also don’t get too much traffic.


It’s amazing that each weekend, we find a new, cool place to explore. We now have a list of options of places to go and explore all the time. The hardest part is picking which place to go.

Our weekend getaways are really cheap.

The only extra money we spend in on gas. We did have to acquire outdoor gear, but once we got the essentials, we find our weekend trips are only as expensive as the gas it takes to get there and back.


We bring our own food. Food we would have eaten if we were home anyway. We find places that are free, or covered by the Interagency Pass we bought. The pass was $80, but it lasts a year. It lets you get in for free at pay areas in Federally owned land, such as: National Parks, National Monuments, National Forests, BLM land, and more. Even when we went to Mesa Falls a couple weekends ago, it covered the $5 fee to park at the upper falls.

Being a poor young couple, it’s great that we have awesome weekend trips, for usually under $20-30 extra.

Shoes matter.

This seems silly, but the most annoying thing we’ve run into so far is having ill-equipped feet. From mud to snow, to sand, there’s all sorts of things that get in our shoes that make hiking a little more uncomfortable than we would like. Plus, hiking takes a toll on shoes. We’re still working on getting the right gear for our feet.


The road we travel has many lessons for us to learn. Some more practical, and others, more personal. Thanks for joining us!

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