A Change of Plans

Today I woke up to our dog, Manti, jumping on our bed, sitting next to me and softly licking my face. It was late in the morning and he really need to pee. Normally he just whines, but it seems he’s learned that doesn’t work because it bothers Hailey and I just sleep through it. I was exhausted from yesterday’s trip, and this was a great way to start the new day.

Yesterday I went hiking with my friend, Scott, because Hailey and James were gone visiting family in Kentucky. We made out to go and hike Table Mountain, but we took the wrong trail. We only found out after a trail runner stopped and talked with us while Manti and his dog got to know one another. Turns out we were heading towards Alaska Basin instead

After we found out we were going the wrong way, we decided to just keep going. We continued along the Alaska Basin trail and turned off at Devil’s Staircase (or Devil’s Stairs, depending on your source). That climb was pretty brutal.

Tim-Russon-Alaska Basin-7
Yup. That ledge is part of the trail.

But it was beautiful, and when we got to the rim of Teton Canyon, the view was just incredible.

Tim-Russon-Alaska Basin-8


There were still patches of snow up there, but they were melting quickly. Manti was very happy to see snow again. He loves the stuff. A lot. I also think it helped him cool down.

Tim-Russon-Alaska Basin-6

It was like springtime all over again. Where the snow had melted, new growth was just starting to push up out of the ground. From the grand views, to the smallest flowers, this hike was gorgeous.

Tim-Russon-Alaska Basin

We may have not landed to our original destination, but the hike was wonderful nonetheless. The whole hike was about 11 miles. We got horribly sunburns (I need to bring sunscreen, especially at high elevation), our legs were tired, and it was awesome. We enjoyed ourselves, and Hailey, James, Manti, and I can tackle Table Mountain together sometime later.

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