Sacrifices for the Future

During the spring when eastern Idaho had a good foot of snow on the ground, I was pregnant, dealing with seasonal depression and desperate for some greenery. It was around this time that Tim and I started planning trips in hopes of overcoming the winter slump.

Our first and largest plan was to spend a week at Lookout Butte lookout tower in the Kooskia National Forest in northern Idaho.

We immediately started making a list of everything we would need to live out in the middle of nowhere for such a time. We talked about the trip every day for weeks. We told all our friends and showed them pictures. We started to slowly purchase things we would need to sustain ourselves; food, water jugs, rope, knives, propane, etc. I would confidently say that we are prepared for this trip.

Well, our little family is preparing for a move to Utah in September in search of the next stepping stone in Tim’s video career. It just so happens that the trip we were so excited for ended up happening at an inopportune time and we had to cancel it this week.

Man, talk about a sacrifice. Initially I was pretty bummed about this decision. We spent a good week going back and forth, trying to talk ourselves into believing that we could still squeeze this long awaited tip into our plans. Deep down we knew this was a sacrifice we needed to make.

After a couple days I had the thought that even though we would not be staying at the lookout tower, this plan was the start of all of our undertakings this summer. Though we would not be going, it was the beginning of all we have accomplished and seen.

Sometimes letting go is just making space for better things to come. We have no idea what opportunities await us in Utah but I’m sure this sacrifice will seem so small when we get there! God is so good.

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