Why You Should Travel at Night

We’ve seen some beautiful places so far this summer. From grand mountain vistas to crystal clear rivers and more. It’s been an amazing ride so far.

Tim-Russon-Drive Home-2
Mount Shasta, in California

Yet, no matter where I go, one of my favorite views is gazing up at the night sky and peering into the vast distance to see stars all around, shimmering in the sky. I love being in the dead of night and seeing the dense strip  of stars that form the milky way.

Tim-Russon-Drive Home
Somewhere in Nevada

There are a few advantages to traveling at night. One of my favorite reasons is views like this. Whenever we stop, even if just on the side of the road, I love to get out, feel the night wind, and gaze into the sky while I take some pictures.

Another favorite perk is that our baby sleeps much better through the night. He does pretty good during the day, but he does fuss and complain. We have to stop at least every two hours to feed him and he hates it when we put him back in his car seat. He loves seeing all these new places and hiking around with us, but he’s not too fond of being stuck in the back seat.

Poor guy has a hard time back there sometimes

At night, however, he sleeps for longer periods of time, and when we have to stop to feed him he goes right back to sleep without complaining. These also double as those chances to step out of the car and admire the view.

Traffic is also much better at night. On our trip to the Redwoods, we drove through Eastern Oregon at night. There were two solid hours where we only had one other person pass us in the other lane. This cuts down the travel time quite a bit sometimes.

We did stop for about an hour or two to catch a nap at Crater National Park. We were able to see the sunrise over this gorgeous view. Sunsets are common, but watching the sunrise was a treat.

Crater Lake at sunrise

Now there are some disadvantages.

Drowsy driving is never a good idea. I napped and rested before leaving. Hailey and I took turns sleeping and driving. And we did take a break to sleep a little bit.

Dark, country highways are hard to navigate sometimes at night. You need to make sure to take it a little slower. I also found my eyes getting tired of not being able to see anything but the road.

But, between the quiet baby and beautiful night skies, driving at night worked great for us. Plus, we got to stop at random places like this.

Tim-Russon-Drive Home-3
Somewhere else in Nevada

Now I want to try a night time hike. Less driving, and more star-gazing.

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