Adventure Comes in Many Forms

This summer has been one of the best I’ve had.

It has been so fun to become an avid hiker and camper. We’ve spent a lot of time with nature, exploring the land and exploring ourselves. Just about every weekend we’ve been out camping, hiking, or visiting some beautiful part of the country.

But things are about to change. Because adventure really does come in many different forms.

Last weekend, we didn’t go anywhere. We packed. It was kind of weird. July was filled with all sorts of traveling. We went to Glacier National Park in Montana and visited the Redwoods in Northern California. In between those two trips, Hailey and James left to Kentucky to visit family and I went on a good hike with my friend.

But we don’t have any more trips planned to Yellowstone or the Tetons. Soon, we’ll be far away from all of that.

We’ve been presented with a wonderful opportunity we feel would be foolish to pass up. As we’re still in the middle to figuring everything out, I won’t share specifics, but we’re moving to Southern Utah, doing work that we hope will bless the lives of many.

We’re looking forward to our new job. We’re looking forward to being close to Zion National Park, and so many other cool spots. We’re looking forward to warmer winters. We’re yet to see how we feel about summer highs above 100. But the land is a whole new kind of beautiful. The work will be a whole new challenge. But out life, and the adventure, will move forward.

Tim-Russon-Drive Home-6

Next week, we take a trip to test-drive out new job in Southern Utah, and then we head down to Tuscon Arizona to film a friend’s wedding. Wish us luck. Here’s hoping we don’t burn.

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