Our New Adventure

We still have baby bottles, but it looks like we won’t have much use for the bear spray for now.

Hailey, James, Manti, and I have made a trek down to Southern Utah. It must be too hot for Bears. I don’t blame them. The summer is starting to wind down, but our days still hang around above 100.

No, we’re not in beautiful Eastern Idaho anymore. We’re no longer in Yellowstone country. We’re down in the red rocks, just west of Zion National Park, in a little town called Toquerville.

We live in a beautiful little ranch called Shang-ri La. This place is beautiful. I’ve never lived among so many animals and such a beautiful spot.


This isn’t just a typical ranch, though. It’s specifically for struggling youth. We spend our days helping kids with chores, school, and tending to the ranch, as they sort through their own issues.

We’ve learned so much. About these kids and ourselves.

I had my own thoughts about this line of work. I am filled with sympathy and love for these kids, and for these poor parents, who really don’t know what else to do sometimes.

We’re excited to continue our journey with a whole new adventure. We’re still excited to take on the many wonderful trails that surround us… when we’re not hanging out with the kids.

Our family just got a whole lot bigger.

Our story just got a brand new twist.

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