The National Anthem

Today at church we had a sweet ten year old girl come up to the pulpit and ask the congregation to sing the first verse of the National Anthem because she loved our beautiful country and loved being an American.

I have heard and sang the Star Spangled Banner countless times as I am sure all of us have. But today I lost it.

I could not even sing because my heart was overflowing with love. Mascara was streaming down my face as an outward expression of the fullness of my heart. I could not stop imagining all of the amazing people that were the first to fight for the United States of America.

The symbolism of our flag still standing.

I never took to heart the courage and bravery of the Rebels and Continental Army and how they were stepping out against the King of Britain. Or the guidance that George Washington was divinely given and the Providence of God for them to win the Revolutionary War. I never took to heart the time and energy expelled to become this amazing nation.

I heard some young Generation X talk about how they hate America and how they want to live in a different country. I understand why they feel this way.

There are so many issues in politics, issues against race, poverty, selfishness and other hellish things going on in our country. This is all we hear about on news channels and Facebook feeds. But take a minute to study the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The country itself is built on righteous and god fearing principles.

The only way our country is going to fall is by the vote of the people. We are as free as the leaders we choose and the things we choose to believe as a people.

We must know our rights as Americans to remain a free people.


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