A great place to find and reserve campsites, among other things. Did you know you can reserve fire lookout towers and old ranger cabins? Yup! We’ve got a few reserved already for this summer. Also a great place to buy permits or even tours (like the Timpanogos Cave tours).

Hiking Project

An awesome place to find trails that you might not even know exist. Teaming up with REI, the website can be used to find trails near you, or near a destination you have in mind, as well as other help such as forums. There is tons of useful info for each trail such as difficulty, length, photos, descriptions, and more. The app is great, too. Using your phone, this app acts like a GPS on the trail and works offline. REI also published a Hiking Project app just for national parks.


Gear Up


A great place to find professional outdoor gear for just about any outdoor enthusiast (or even hobby-est). We love the values of this company and the great selection. As well as shopping online, they also have many awesome retail stores around the US.


Many of us who love the outdoors love to capture it too. B&H is a great place to shop for and buy cameras and gear. The prices always match the best offers from other stores, or beat them. The customer service is simply amazing. They also have a section dedicated to outdoor optics if you’re into that.